The Residences Characteristics

Ceiling Height

The general living areas of all residences feature ceilings that are a minimum of 9 feet high with possible raised coffered areas at 10 feet. On the eleventh floor and up, ceilings are 11 to 12 feet high. The foyer, gallery, living room and dining room feature custom-designed ceilings that accentuate the architecture and allow for recessed accent lighting. Various locations may be equipped with dropped ceilings and bulkheads. In all living areas that presently form part of the heritage building 9 to 9.6 foot clear ceiling heights will be provided.

Ceiling Finish

Throughout the residences, ceilings are made of suspended drywall, painted to a high-quality prime finish.


The living room, dining room, powder room, bedrooms, gallery and foyer feature elegant, signature-designed 6-inch cornice mouldings.


The building’s concept is a delicate marriage that blends the rich details and proportions of a patrimonial building and the sophisticated contemporary lines of the new structure. As a result, three window systems will be installed to showcase the building’s special architectural features. Regardless of the location and type, all will be performance “Low-E” windows, custom-designed, insulated and double glazed.

As an integral part of the basic building concept, the residences fully-glazed exterior walls are equipped with a sophisticated lacquered wood shutter system. This unique signature feature has been designed to optimize occupant intimacy while preserving the overall visual quality of the building’s exterior. All rooms that are located on an exterior wall have an operable window.


The main entrance of all residences will come complete with an elegant 8-foot high stained solid core double door system. Oversized frames and refined door handles will further enhance the doors. All interior doors will boast a solid core paint finish and will also stand 8 feet high.


Hardware will feature a luxurious satin nickel or brass finish.


Custom-designed, paint grade 8-inch baseboards.


Walls, cornice mouldings, doors, trim and baseboards will be painted to a high-quality prime finish.


All residences have been engineered to provide high STC ratings between units. All floors have been designed with a special acoustic reduction layer to ensure superior sound reduction between floors regardless of the flooring type selected.


Dimmable wall plugs are provided in the living room, dining room, library and bedrooms. Dimmable ceiling and wall outlets are located in the dining room and foyer. White baffle halogen spot lights will be provided in the bathrooms, gallery, and kitchen and in other locations as designated by the builder.

Life Safety and Security Systems

The residences are equipped with central-monitored smoke and CO detectors, a fire suppression sprinkler system served by two different supply connections, stroboscopic fire alarm lights in all strategic locations of the common areas, and 24-hour monitored security surveillance cameras. All life safety and security systems are connected to the standby power generator.


Switched outlets are provided in the living room, library, foyer, dining, gallery and bedrooms. Individual breaker panels for each residence are located in the mechanical room or laundry room. All residences are pre-wired to accommodate a basic intelligent home system.


There are two secure, luxuriously-appointed passenger elevators and a separate secure high-capacity service elevator. The penthouse unit comes with exclusive elevator access.

All bi-level residences feature an exclusive interior elevator.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Each residence has one, two, three or four (depending on size and solar orientation) individually controlled, Ultra-Quiet ® heat pump(s) located in sound-proof mechanical room(s) that provide filtered air for heating and air conditioning in each residence.

In addition to central temperature control in the main zone, secondary zones are provided with variable air supply controls so as to permit different temperature settings in various areas within the residences.

Optimum all-season comfort is achieved through special dual air distribution mode to all areas, where warm air curtains will cover the entire window surfaces during the cold season and cool air breeze will blow towards the windows to meet the solar heat during hot season.

Fresh Air

Each residence has its own automatic fresh air supply for a comfortable fresh air amount with central control of humidification in winter and dehumidification in summer, and self-balanced make-up air for bathroom, kitchen and laundry exhausts.

Standby Power

A unique feature of the residence complex is set of standby electrical generators that provides complete power in the event of a power failure and ensures a seamless supply of electricity heating and air conditioning to each residence.


Secure indoor parking is available.


One storage locker is included per residence. Owners’ lockers are ventilated and equipped with sprinklers.


Each room is provided with telephone jacks for connections to telecom providers. A linkup to the hotel’s central PBX system provides convenient access to all hotel services.


Each residence will come with two separate connections for cable and satellite.

Loggias & Terraces

Most units feature loggias and/or terraces. The doors leading to the loggias and terraces are made of mahogany and glass. Luxurious exterior finishes for the loggias include high-grade anodized aluminum ceilings, and limestone flooring with an integrated partial snow melting system. The terraces are finished in wood flooring with landscaped areas and a partial snow melting system. Certain units feature an enclosed winter garden.


1. All selections are from vendor’s samples.
2. The purchaser acknowledges and understands that natural materials are subject
to variations in color, grain and texture, and the final product may not match the vendor’s samples.
3. Features vary per plan.
4. All dimensions are nominal and are subject to variation to meet design requirements and field conditions.
5. All features and finishes may be subject to change without notice.